Today, when environmental issues is given special attention , biowaste disposal, disposal after murrain of cattle are becoming increasingly important .

 It’s possible to increase its efficiency using special crematorium ( incinerators ) – furnace for burning biological waste .

Are you going to buy the incinerator for waste disposal and looking for a reliable company you enjoy to work with? It’s worth to contact "Insiprom " - one of the leading suppliers for the recovery and recycling of waste systems in Russia . We are personally engaged in the development and manufacture of our incinerators , and this left us guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the proposed products.

Incinerators using is warranted not only from environmentally, but also from an economic point of view: despite the low power consumption, these systems are able to burn up to several tons of biological waste every day.

 Thanks to wide range you can choose the incinerator with optimal performance . Availability of equipment with a small capacity, together with a reasonable price make it possible for you to install multiple systems in remote areas of production .

 LLC "Insiprom " : incinerators with optimum value for money!

  Combustion chamber volume (L) Load capacity (kg ) Burn rate , not less than ( kg / h ) Typical diesel consumption (kg / h) Load method Availability grate bar
Model B-150 300 150 50 5,3 Top None
Model В-300 600 300 60 12,6 Top None
Model B-300 MEDICINE 600 300 70 18,3 Top Yes
Model B-500 1000 500 70 12,6 Top None
Model B-750 1500 750 75 18,3 Top None
Model B-1000 2000 1000 75 18,3 Top None
Model C-350 4000 2000 350 30 Top Yes
Model C-1000 10000 5000 1000 60 Top Yes